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Membership in the FAMP is held by individuals only. Company memberships are not available at the present time.

Professional Membership - Annual dues: $127

Individuals licensed as a Florida mortgage loan originator and individuals owning 10% or more of a Florida Broker or Lender Licensee may apply for professional membership. Unlicensed individuals owning 10% or more of a Florida Broker or Lender Licensee must furnish a statement certifying ownership in the licensee.  Professional members should be actively engaged in the business of brokering, originating or funding mortgages. This membership may not be transferred to another individual.

Affiliate Membership -  Annual dues: $127

Anyone that works for a support company may apply for Affiliate Membership.  If the designated affiliate member leaves the employ of the institution or is otherwise removed, he or she may apply for individual membership and the institution may designate a replacement. When affiliates use the logo of the Association, the logo must contain the word "Affiliate".

Associate Membership - Annual dues: $50

Anyone not eligible for professional membership, whose primary job is that of "mortgage loan originator” or any individual desiring membership for the purpose of supporting FAMP and attending FAMP functions, may apply for associate membership.  An associate member shall receive all benefits of membership however, shall not have voting rights in the Association, but may serve on committees. This membership may not be transferred to another individual.  In order to be eligible for the associate membership, the individual may not have been a member in any other classification for at least six months.


The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 allows only a portion of the dues you pay to the Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals to be deductible as an “ordinary and necessary” business expense.

FAMP estimates that for 2016, 0% of your dues are deductible because they are related to lobbying activities on behalf of its members.